Sunday, 25 May 2014

Farewell to Oulton Park

That's it for Oulton Park this week.

I have to say it's one of my favourite tracks in iRacing. It helps that it really does suit the Skip Barber car. It's a long track, but it doesn't have the really long straights that can become tiresome in a low powered car. I don't even mind the back-to-back chicanes. In fact it's been interesting working on those two sectors, as chicanes have always been an issue for me.

The brak pedal modification certainly helped. I'm much more confident in hard braking phases.

Three races with two podiums. The third was a stronger strength of field, and not being confident of my lap one performance I started from the pits. Two aggressive passes when I caught the field were undone with a spin in the first chicane. But I picked myself up for an eight place finish, which at least meant I didn't lose much iRating.

And improvements in both personal best, down to 1.52.4 and optimal time, down to 1.51.5. Thats a big gap, but on a long track like Oulton Park it's a challenge to be consistent through each sector. I did feel I was improving with that towards the end, but there are still a couple of things I needed to work on.

However that will have to wait for another time. Laguna Seca awaits, and that's a track I've consistently had problems with.

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