Monday, 19 May 2014

Testing with the Skip Barber at Oulton Park International

Taking a break from the Ruf C-Spec and work on setups. I expect to return to it in a couple of weeks, and at that time I will probably do more with telemetry. Although that alone is a huge subject.

The reason for the pause? The Skip Barber series is at Oulton Park this week, and Laguna Seca in one weeks time, and I want to complete an eight week season. I still have much to learn.

That said, I was quite pleased with the ninety minutes I spent at Oulton Park so far. Aside from the chicanes there are a couple of corners - the carousel and the second last turn - that I've struggled with previously. I handled them much better, almost without even having to think about them. With regard to the chicanes I went through both reasonably well.

There are still improvements to be made, but it's a better start than I expected.

Official practise and races start on Tuesday.

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