Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Working on lap times and lap quality at Laguna Seca

So I have a 1.39.5 at Laguna Seca so far this week. The fastest time I have seen so far in iSpeed is a 1.37.5, whereas previously I would expect to see 1.36's, so the track is slower this season. At a guess I would estimate I need to be about 1.39.1 to equal my personal best pace here.

That said I need to work on tidying up my laps. It's an issue I have with every other track - not being precise enough, creeping off the kerb on entry in particular.

The plan to race on Tuesday, Thursday and also Saturday must come second to spending what little practise time I have today to neaten up my laps and hopefully thereby increase corner entry speeds, and thereby lower lap times, and make them consistent.

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