Thursday, 12 June 2014

Better late than never at Zandvoort

For such a short layout Zandvoort Club is posing some difficult questions for me this week.

I would have liked to have put a lap up on Youtube by now, but I'm stuck on 1.11.0 times. I seem to be expert at repeating that time with low fuel, shaving off a hundredth or two here and there.

But I think I have the approach to two particular sections more or less worked out. If I'm correct I might find as much as half a second there. Of course that's dependant on my mastering that within an hour of practise time. But right at the end, with a full tank of race fuel I did find just over a tenth on the second section.

I might just run out of time this week before I can make real inroads into this track.

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