Saturday, 7 June 2014

It's all about using the whole width of the track

Why couldn't I exit turn four at Brands Hatch at 82 miles per hour anymore?

That was the question that really perplexed me. I seemed to be driving the corner as well as I'd done before, but I was struggling just to reach 79 miles per hour after the first day of practise.

The answer is quite simple, and the reason I didn't understand it earlier was simply because I was pushing to faster times rather than analysing why I was slow in the first place.

I had a similar, but less extreme issue with turn one. Then when I looked at an external view I discovered I was about half a car width off the track edge at corner entry. But I was still focussed on pushing that I just put it down to how you have to deal with how corner entry bends there. I didn't think enough about why I was struggling to be hard on the gas at the apex.

It's the same problem at turn four. I'm not using enough of the track width on corner entry, which compromises the apex.

Even then I could drive a fast lap time for the week. But that extra foot or so of extra track width use is what pushed me into the "really fast" bracket. And that's what I need to really reinforce with my driving. It has to be an integral part of driving the line - using the whole width of the track until it's second nature even in the more difficult corner entries.

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