Thursday, 5 June 2014

Skip Barber at Brands Hatch and the benefit of smooth driving

I have found it next to impossible to replicate the 1.40.7 at the weekend. The lap is quite smooth - with the exception of a moment exiting turn three - and what's pleasing is that I'm using all of the track, apart from some corner exits where I could have gained significant time with a little more ambition.

But Brands Hatch and the Skip Barber might have to wait for another time. This week has become more than a little frustrating, and I feel the more I drive the more distant I become from what I want to achieve. The time is immaterial compared to the technique I'm looking for.

I'm left wondering whether the experience with the Ruf C-Spec last week encouraged the smoothness I went into Sundays Skip Barber testing with. I've definitely become much more sketchy since then with it.

Rather than struggle through the rest of the week I will return to Okayama and put three test sessions into the C-Spec, most probably working on setup from the ground up with a proper schedule of setup changes.

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