Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Taking a step back before hopefully taking two forward

Now this one has me completely at a loss. Or at least I think I know what the issue is.

The 1.40.7 I did at Brands Hatch on Sunday now seems a world away. At the time I thought a 1.40.5 was well within my reach, but in the two days since then I've spent much, more more time in the mid 1.43's.

The exit from turn four down the long straight to turn five eats up almost a second on average. At the point iSpeed announces my previous best exit speed of 82mph I'm struggling to hit 79. But I think it's more than just that rather tricky corner.

I think I'm making a mess of turn three and thereby losing time entering the sector that includes turn four.

I know what I need to do for both, but I seem to have wandered from the whole idea of the line, brake and turn in points. I really have to just take it back to basics and concentrate on getting my line right, then feeding in more speed.

That said, I did my first race of the week, and though my times were appalling I did get a sixth place finish in a fairly high strength of field race, squeezing in a modest increase in iRating, and a good improvement in Safety Rating.

The championship points total of 57 is short of the 75 I look for, though, but if I'm to improve on that I need a good solid day of progress tomorrow before the next race on Thursday.

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