Sunday, 29 June 2014

Testing for Summit Point and a hardware fix

After the debacle at Mid Ohio I return to the Skip Barber series for what will be my eighth and last week of the season. I was not looking forward to this week at all after how badly I felt I drove at Mid Ohio.

Then a few laps into testing I realised I had a massive issue with the brake "spiking". I have noticed the brake dragging on corner exit recently and put that down to me leaning on the pedal too much. An issue I planned to correct by adding a dead zone to the brake pedal. But even without any sort of pressure at all I was still getting spiking.

When I added the deadzone through the Bodnar calibration software it made a huge difference. The demo lap below does still have a stiny bit of spiking as I was still experimenting with the values, but it's something I know I can remove now. It's just a question of finding the ideal value.

The lap below is full of errors, with plenty of room for improvement. In particular turn three requires more work to find up to half a second. It's a really difficult corner to get right consistently. It's very easy to pick up an off track in the gravel on exit. The last turn also could be driven much better.

But not a bad start to the week at all.

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