Sunday, 1 June 2014

There are more questions than answers at Okayama in the Ruf C-Spec

I don't know whether I set the weather incorrectly for yesterdays C-Spec testing, or I just forgot how to drive it overnight, but I was almost two seconds down on a 1.32 time yesterday.

Quite a bit of that time was spent on the tyres. That has always been a particular issue with iRacing setups. I spent a long time adjusting temperatures a couple of years ago, only to discover that garage temperatures had no correlation to pressures, after following the iRacing setup guide which with hindsight is just plain misleading in talking about real world setup relating to the sim.

I was under the impression things had changed considerably, but even disregarding temperatures and going on wear, the outer part of the tyres always heat up and wear less than the middle and inners - and by some considerable margin. From the top to the bottom of the camber range there is a difference in temperatures, but there's still nowhere near an even span, and wear seemed hardly affected at all.

Perhaps I'm just not fast enough to detect the subtleties, but quite often settings just don't seem to matter at all. For example the anti-roll bars don't seem to make a difference at all. If they are I just don't feel it. The springs likewise.

It might just be that I should make adjustments in a different order during initial setup. This time I went with dampers, then springs, and then ARB. Perhaps I should go with tyre pressures, camber, ride height, brake bias, caster, toe, anti-roll bars, wing, adjust ride height again, springs, and finally dampers.

But that will have to wait for another drop week in the Skip Barber series, and week nine, Okayama in the C-Spec is coming up at the end of the month, so I may just have to go with what I have there.

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