Wednesday, 23 July 2014

iRacing 14S3 new build

Now this is a build.

If you're not familiar with iRacing, seasons run on a twelve week schedule. There are four seasons each year, and between each season is what is known as "week thirteen". The important thing about those weeks is that not only is that when new tracks and cars are released, but it's also when the service itself is updated.

I'm not going to go through what's been updated with this build, but suffice to say that it has very much improved car handling. With regard to the Skip Barber that means that the rear feels much more stable. You can push the car hard around corners with more confidence. That has been an ongoing improvement through the different iterations of the new tyre model.

It has also much improved the Ruf C-Spec. Previously the car felt skittish mid corner and was prone to oversteer on corner exit. It just didn't feel right at all. Now it's much more natural. You're concentrating on driving rather than managing the car.

Of course some people are unhappy with the change. And it does seem to range across most if not all cars. The common complaint seems to be based on the idea that racing cars should be hard to drive. I don't agree with that. It's my feeling that generally racing cars sohuld only be difficult to drive really fast. And I think another strand of drivers are unhappy with the change because they have learned through sheer weight of time how to be really fast through learning to overcome the quirks.

That does leave me with the issue of having to decide what to drive next season. I'm considering the C-Spec, Skip Barber and the Radical. The Grand Touring Cup schedule doesn't really interest me, which rules out the Mustang. I might just race the former and practise the latter, given the lower participation in the Radical series. And that does looks like a hardcore series. I'm not keen to simply donate iRating to drivers that have lived and breathed the car for season after season.

The only downside to the update is the continued slow pace. Even the backfires they've added are incomplete. It's simply taking them far too long to move the service along. If it's taking them so long to get backfires in, how long for a fully functioning tyre? For proper road modelling? Day to night transitions? Realistic weather?

Other titles like Assetto Corsa and rFactor are moving along at a much greater speed. iRacing cannot lean on superior multiplayer forever.

But for now, this is the best update I've seen.

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