Thursday, 3 July 2014

iRacing and driver swaps - like eating brie without crackers

At some point I'm going to post an overview of iRacing and my thoughts on it, but this is something that touches on at least a couple of issues I have with it.

Driver swaps. The official forum is full of comments on how excited people are about it. It's rare to find a post that's in any way either critical or even really analytical.

But wait a minute. Driver swaps? At this time iRacing doesn't even have lighting transitions. It doesn't model tyre wear effects all that well. For example flat spotting tyres is still not in. The "new surface model" that was last mentioned in public perhaps two years ago is still nowhere on the horizon.

And weather. I'm not even talking about rain, but just simple variations in weather, this is still messed up. And not messed up in a "we have no idea how to fix it" messed up, but in a "there's a problem with the weather?" messed up. It's such a small thing it should take them no more than an hour to fix the code. But I have no doubt they're not even aware of it. Just as the head guy didn't know that Spa was messed up for incident points, even though people had been griping about it since the track was released.

So we get driver swaps, but what's the point of having longer duration races without day to night transitions, without proper tyre wear effects, without a track surface that doesn't change?

Why not concentrate resources on the issues that still haven't been resolved, introduced, etc., and then when the framework is there, hang driver swaps on it?

I can't help but think that driver swaps will turn out just like the Lotus 49. Something a handful of very vocal people asked for, but which just doesn't get used all that often when it is introduced because the novelty will wear off fast.

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