Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mustang at Bathurst and thoughts on next season

I'm not a fan of Bathurst - or Mount Panorama as iRacing insists on calling it. It's certainly not a fun track to learn, at least not in iRacing where it seems every light scrape results in "wheel damage" that renders the car unable to drive in a straight line.

The Mustang, though, is a lot more driveable with a community baseline setup, rather than the iRacing baseline. I previously thought of it as a boat - the understeer was horrendous. But with a different baseline it's a lot more manageable.

Which leads me onto another point. Why do iRacing keep on producing awful baseline setups? The worst of them all has to be the Ruf C-Spec, which has a brake bias that makes the car undriveable. They changed the braking system but then didn't bother to change the baseline to reflect that. Was it not tested? Or were the testers using their own setups?

For a subscription based service it's unforgivable how they seem oblivious to these issues. It's a fact that people are putting laps in on the C-Spec and wondering why the back end comes around whenever they go near the brake. Will it be fixed for the next build?

Next season I'm still not sure which series I'll primarily concentrate on. The Skip Barber schedule has five weeks out of twelve that I'd like to race. The C-Spec just doesn't feel right mid corner. The SR8 Radical for some reason doesn't inspire me, and the Mustang ... though I do feel I'll learn a lot from it, next season it's moving to multiclass, and I hate multiclass. A D class series with at least two cars travelling at different speeds?

I can make a case for practise but not participating in races, but I would like to put more credits in the bank, as well as getting more race experience.

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