Monday, 7 July 2014

New personal best for this season in the Skip Barber at Summit Point

Another half a second from my personal best at Summit Point. This is one of the tracks I really feel comfortable at. I have driven it so many times that I'm confident with my line, and if I do make a mistake I know the track well enough to recover without significant issues.

There are two areas I know I could improve the lap. At turn one I can run wider on exit and thus apply more power earlier. The same is true for turn five - the tight left hander at the start of the twisty section. Improvements there could give me a 1.22.6, which would be a massive achievement for me.

I'm not sure about Bathurst this week. I'm generally not a fan of long straights in a wind up car, and the walls there really make it a pain to get the basics down with the constant restarts. But from the point of view of the championship it would be useful to put in a good points week.

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