Monday, 7 July 2014

Skip Barber race at Summit Point

This without a doubt was the best race I've had at iRacing to date. It was one of the strongest fields I've participated in, and though I didn't execute the best moves with regard to passing, I pushed the car as hard as I do in practise, to the point my best lap was two tenths short of my personal best.

With hindsight I realise now the mistake I made when looking to pass wasn't made in turn one, it wasn't even made in turn three when I backed out and twice lost a place. The mistake I made was in not getting a better turn ten exit and beating the driver ahead to the inside line for turn one.

There was a couple of occasions when I could have been more forceful through turn one to make the pass stick, but it's important to note that I had never raced with the driver I was attempting to pass before. I didn't know whether he could hold it together enough to avoid taking me out as I passed him. That made passing on the outside a little more dangerous.

Had I made it to the inside line and been a car length ahead the pass would have been routine.

But overall a very educational race for me. I learned a lot from it.

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