Friday, 22 August 2014

Finding time and finding solutions at Road Atlanta in the Ruf C-Spec

This has been a bit of a mixed week so far. With one day to go in the Ruf C-Spec at Road Atlanta before switching to the Skip Barber at Okayama I've achieved what I really wanted to, which is a low 1.25 time, a 1.25.3, to be exact.

Reaching that point has involved a little frustration with the pedals, as I mentioned previously, but more than that it's involved learning about the Ruf, and improving.

Learning doesn't end when you get out of the school car. I still have to fix basic issues with my driving, most notably either not pinning myself to the kerb on corner turn in, and therefore compromising the turn to some degree, or just drifting in a foot or so as I look to the apex just before turn in. Similar issues, but two slightly different things to address.

You can spot the problems in this video. The chicane is a perfect example. I'm actually a foot or two off the kerb and I don't use the apex kerbing. It's a tough corner. You're slowing down a huge amount in a short space of time, dropping four gears, and turning in carrying as much speed as you dare. Get it wrong and the back will come around and you're sideways in the chicane.

But, overall, even if I can't get any closer to my 1.24.3/4 optimal I'm quite content with the progress I've made this week with use of markers, and with how I've analysed my issues and identified the solutions.

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