Monday, 4 August 2014

First race week at Watkins Glen in the Ruf

Not quite the 1.54 time I was hoping for during race week, but under a tenth off, which I'm quite content with.

Two races, both of which were learning experiences. In the first I didn't react well to the driver ahead losing control exiting the esses. I should have backed off as soon as I noticed the first stumble, and as it developed I could have then moved to the centre of the track and looked to back right off and perhaps apply some brake pressure. That I didn't can partly be put down to lacking familiarity with the cars handling, made worse by the nature of the esses, but mostly it was caused by a lack of proper focus and reaction. Instead of inheriting fifth place my race ended there. In the second race I missed a second qualifying session for the weekend, and as a result started towards the back, in fact from the pits. With a reasonably high SOF I couldn't depend on attrition to gain a better position.

But, all that said, I'm really enjoying the RUF.

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