Tuesday, 19 August 2014

G27 pedals pot replacement time - TSS or Simulaje?

The time has come where simply cleaning the G27 pedals has little to no effect. I last cleaned them about a month ago, but even after two weeks I was getting spiking predominantly on the brake pedal. That is particularly serious as you're dragging the brake around the track.

I can perform workarounds, but the workarounds will just become more and more severe. I could still strip the potentiometers down and clean them piece by piece, but that's not an edifying prospect, especially if I have to do it every six months or so.

The solution boils down to either replacing the pedals entirely with Club Sports, or replacing the pots with hall sensors - something I hadn't even considered until it was suggested to me yesterday.

I'm going to go with the latter option. For one thing it's a heck of a lot cheaper, about £50 in total I'm hoping, as opposed to £200 for the new pedals.

It's become a big issue because the problem is hurting my confidence. I can't trust the pedals anymore, and so half my attention is on them instead of the road ahead. As soon as I can decide which is the better option, TSS or Simulaje, I'll put the order in and look forward to the fix arriving in the mail.

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