Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Putting the laps into Okayama in the Skip Barber to conquer sector three

I'm not sure if I'm enjoying or enduring Okayama. I started testing this week with a 1.47.6 - a fast time going on the expected times with this weeks weather.

The race I entered was, well, not a disaster. Starting right at the back in sixteenth place with the lowest iRating and no qualifying time an eighth place finish is no bad thing. But I very nearly lost eighth spot after losing a full second lap after lap through the third sector.

As a result I decided to abandon plans to race once every day. I need race practise, but more than anything I need to finally overcome the hold sector three has over me. It starts with a hairpin turn at the end of the back straight, and continues with three tight left handers.

So, tonight I went back to testing, and concentrated on the line. I have a bad habit of pushing the braking marker too far forward and compromising the apex, so the discipline of leaving that alone is part of the process. And I was rewarded with a 1.47.3. There is more still to be done to push the optimal down from 1.46.8, and ideally, my personal best time under a 1.47. Three more days to attempt it.

But this may be my best attempt of the week. And if it turns out to be so, it's not all that bad.

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