Monday, 22 September 2014

First laps at Zandvoort Club in the iRacing Ruf C-Spec

Put an hour into Zandvoort Club in iRacing last night driving the Ruf C-Spec in preparation for this week. I really enjoy this layout in general. Quite often the short layouts are overlooked at iRacing. Whatever the car, however underpowered it might be, people generally just want the full and often Grand Prix layouts. Then they're pleasantly surprised that the short layouts work so well.

I'm still working out turn one. From the external replay you can see white smoke coming off the right front in what is a heavy and cambered braking zone. I'm also working out line and throttle application through the last corner. I believe a lighter amount of throttle in the first half of the turn, keeping tight on the apex mid corner and then maximising throttle through to the exit is the way to go. Full throttle all the way will run out of track, at least in my experience so far.

I'm not sure when I'll enter a race, but it's likely to be started from the pits as I continue to work on my race confidence. It's a very difficult track to pass on, but there's likely to be significant attrition, especially in turn one with its heavy braking zone.

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