Saturday, 13 September 2014

Oh, Montreal

I don't normally like to spend a whole week at one track. There comes a point when I'm so jaded by the experience my performance is more likely to worsen than improve. But that said I've spent the last seven days driving the iRacing Ruf C-Spec at Montreal, and I have to say it's been a very rewarding experience.

First of all, the goal I set was quite conservative. The top drivers are putting in 1.38's. But this is a track I'm not really all that familiar with. I've driven a few laps is various cars, but I never really got it. Perhaps it's the chicanes and the hairpins. But I did achieve the 1.41 I set myself in a previous post, and not just a mid to high time.

I'm quite pleased with that. Yes, the last sector was messed up, from taking the hairpin too deep from turning in late into the chicane, but I wouldn't even have dreamt at brushing close to a 1.40 even mid week. I really started to get on top of the track. I'm still not using all of the available track, including the runoff, but I think I've not only improved at Montreal, I've improved with the car, and I might also have taken a big step forward with chicanes and hairpins.

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