Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sampling the iRacing Lotus 79 at Brands Hatch

So, the plan is to transition to the iRacing Lotus 79 in due course. That involves having the Ruf C-Spec as the main series I participate in for this and at least next season, with the Skip Barber series as secondary.

When I first tried the C-Spec in all honesty I felt I was out of my depth. I wasn't really confident in the car - the mid corner and corner exit behaviour was even more of a challenge than it is now - and I felt uncomfortable even in practise sessions.

Now I feel much more at home in the car, though there is still plenty of room for improvement with regard to lap times. But that will come with more practise.

At this point I feel it's right to look to the Lotus 79 for my secondary series next season. With that in mind this week I've put about three hours into the car at Brands Hatch. I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise given it's a downforce car, but I've been surprised at how many corners I don't brake at all. A simple lift at the top of the hill before turn one was unexpected.

The lap time is still two seconds from where I should be, but I can see where the issues with the lap are. It's a question once again of practise.

It will take some time to become used to the speed with which things happen, but dealing with traffic will be the single largest hurdle to overcome. I may need to turn the virtual mirror back on for this car, as the spotter warnings most likely will simply not be enough. Either that or I'll have to become adept at looking in the actual mirrors. And at these speeds that's not easy.

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