Sunday, 7 September 2014

Welcome to Montreal in the iRacing Ruf C-Spec

I have a confession to make; I have no idea how to drive chicanes or hairpins.

That's not strictly true. I know how I should drive them, but translating thought into action is my downfall. That said, what better way to work on that than to drive the Ruf C-Spec around Montreal?

That is the result of about two hours of practise. Optimal is a 1.41.8, so there's plenty of scope for me to push my time down, and in reality I'd like to finish the week with a mid to high 1.41.

It's not an easy track. Because it's a "semi street" track the corner exits are walled. You need to basically terrify yourself through all three chicanes to maximise speed down the resultant straights.

I'm not looking forward to racing here, but for the sake of participation credits I will simply have to go with it and hope the ride is better than it has been at Mid Ohio. Which is another story.

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