Sunday, 5 October 2014

iRacing, and parking the Ruf C-Spec at Brands Hatch

At this point I'd love to post a race video from Brands Hatch. I love that track. Whatever car you're driving it's a thing of beauty. But I'm not going to post a race video, even though I did enter a Ruf C-Spec race yesterday.

The reason is simple. I parked it after twelve laps. After several laps trying to pass a much slower car - you could argue he would have been smarter to have let me pass rather than hold us both up to be caught from behind, but he was well within his rights, and I just couldn't get a good enough run out of certain corner exits to make a pass stick - I was jumped after a small mistake and at that point I resolved to do another lap to confirm half distance and then pull over.

It's no secret iRacing physics are, well, sub standard. In particular grip on the rear wheels has always been poorly modelled. If you're familiar with the iRacing forums you'll know what I'm referring to. As the tyre model has progressed this has been improved, but it's taking far too long to resolve it.

What makes that worse is clear weather. You really need overcast to get it feeling planted. You might think iRacing upon recognising that would avoid clear weather until they have this dealt with. Not a bit of it. And that's my real criticism of iRacing. They're just constantly asleep at the wheel. There's a real lethargy about their development that can be excruciating. And that's bad enough, but they don't seem to have any awareness of the issues members experience. We just have to soldier on. But that level of apathy is contagious, and that's what had me park it at Brands Hatch.

If iRacing doesn't appear to care, why should their members?

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