Sunday, 16 November 2014

iRacing Lotus 49 at Lime Rock Park

The Lotus 49 has been a little bit of a problem child for iRacing. Which is ironic given the Papyrus heritage of Grand Prix Legends. The car was simply a beast to drive on release, and quite rightly, given the low weight and immense power of the original. But it was even more of a beast than it had been historically, which lead to tyre model improvements that were generally welcomed by the community.

The decision to put a modern racing tyre onto the car met with more than a little hostility, though, and after the initial waning of interest after the initial release of the car, the community that had been steadily built up afterwards was reduced once again as dissatisfaction drove people from the series.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the tyre change, the Lotus 49 is still a challenging car to drive, let alone master. But it makes up for that with so much character. It demands not just skill, but also attention. You can't let your guard drop with this car, and you must always be listening to what it's trying to communicate.

This evening I went back to the car after a long absence. In truth I've never felt confident enough in it to do more than tinker with the car. But with the series at old favourite Lime Rock Park, I decided to put some time into the car to see how it felt. And it felt wonderful.

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