Friday, 13 February 2015

iRacing highs and lows at Summit Point in the Skip Barber

The highs and lows of iRacing in one evening.

I started the week with a time of 1.21.8. At the time that was two tenths over a fast time. I was quite content with that, but I knew I could go faster. During the week I've worked on turn one, and the carousel section, which is where I've lost most time.

I could have walked away from the week very pleased with a 1.21.5 as that would have been comfortably inside a fast time. But while practising before the weekly race I actually put in a 1.21.2.

That lap puts me right up there with the fast drivers. Not the drivers that are at the really sharp end of fast, but at least in the middle bracket. Which is a very healthy place to be.

And then came the race. I compromise turn eight in order to maximise turn nine for the straight down to turn ten. I don't think that line should be any surprise to anyone that has put a reasonable amount of laps in at Summit Point. And I certainly wasn't expecting this:

The driver making contact is in a hurry. This is lap one of a nineteen lap race. He had forced his way past the driver third on the grid and was evidently keen to win as many positions as possible on the first lap. There is no way that move was going to end well, but it might just be that he runs enough races for it not to matter. He can just try again in another hour. But for me that's the one and only race of the week.

The sad fact is that people are making boneheaded moves and then expecting - not hoping for - the driver ahead to rescue them. He wanted me to see him making the move down my inside and "give him space". He's nowhere near alongside, and this is a fast paces high input section of track. I can't manage my own race and his at the same time.

Disappointingly this is a relatively high SOF race for me. I was rated second lowest driver, so a good finish would have cemented me at this level. Instead I was taking out by a driver some distance above the SOF, and while he will still be in top half splits next week, I expect to be back in the bottom half.

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