Sunday, 1 March 2015

Combat Mission Normandy Keep Calm Setup

I was there at the birth of the Combat Mission series of games. I was one of those fortunate enough to have played the initial demo for CMBO a million and one times. In fact I can still recall the thrill of encountering the game system, even with the flaws inherent in that early incarnation. It had a magic about it that few titles have.

Around sixteen years later I'm looking up a fairly old title in the CMx2 series. Combat Mission : Battle for Normandy. As the nomclature suggests, this is the second iteration of the game engine, which now features a more in depth representation of forces on the map, and allows for real time play as well as the ground breaking turn based system - WEGO - utilised in the first titles.

I have the base game patched to 3.0, and the Commonwealth module is installed.

What I'm going to be doing here is play through a scenario I have never looked at before. It could all end badly, or it could be a wonderful success. At this point your guess is as good as mine. The first video includes the briefing notes as well as my setup. As such there is no real action to speak of, but hopefully by the end of the video you will have a clear overview of the task at hand and how I intend to approach it.

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