Thursday, 19 March 2015

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

This has been the week in iRacing where it has all come together.

You might argue that the three races I entered this week were all "low strength of field". What that simply means is when the race entrants split into seperate fields by rating I fell into the lower rated split. But even with that caveat I won all three races quite comfortably.

That's not simply bragging. I know why I won those races. I put the time in during the pre season week at Suzuka and put down a solid fast time. And I worked all through every session I entered to find not just time but consistency through better use of markers. And I practised starts. Over and over again I practised the opening lap.

And all that hard work paid off.

Now I have my rating back up to about 1450 and with a good week at Lime Rock next week I might be knocking firmly on the door of the 1650 I peaked at previously. Then I can build over the rest of the season to reach 2000.

Work resumes this Sunday at Lime Rock - including practising starts.

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