Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Finding pace at Lime Rock in the iRacing Skip Barber

Improvement can sometimes seem elusive. You work on something for days, weeks, perhaps months, and there may be moments when it seems like you're making no progress at all.

That feeling also applies to sim racing. I have driven countless laps at Lime Rock in the Skip Barber. If you were to count up the laps in total across all tracks I've put in, Lime Rock Park would soar ahead at the top of the list.

The Skip Barber series is back at the track after a relatively long absence. Previously I think I've reached a pretty good level at most parts of the track, but turns five and six have caused issues; with turn five I haven't been hard enough early enough on the throttle, and at turn six I've been inconsistent with exit speed.

As I've returned here I've put in practise the thoughts I've had on markers, and that has certainly helped. It helps not only in being more consistent around the track, but it gives me more confidence to attack corners. Consequently while I'm still refining markers at those two turns I'm now right on the shoulders of some of the fastest drivers in the series.

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