Wednesday, 11 March 2015

iRacing Skip Barber pre season at Suzuka

I have never driven Suzuka all that well. I could itemise each and every corner and explain how poorly I have executed them. The only question would be which corner I have driven the worst.

So now is a good time to put my new analytical sense to good use and prepare for the forthcoming season.

Of course we don't know the weather for the first week. That's just one of the "quirks" for wont of a better word that iRacing has. As soon as the season starts we'll know the weather for each and every week; we're just not allowed to know what it will be for week one.

That said, we're all out there putting times down with the default weather.

I'm reasonably satisfied with how it's gone so far after about two hours of testing, but I need to find a second before Tuesday and my first race. I need to be on the ball before experiencing my first combined qualifying and race session.

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