Monday, 2 March 2015

iRaicng Skip Barber Interlagos week start

I've been going back to basics since Mosport, thinking about markers, and remaining calm and analytical lap after lap regardless of frustrations. It's so easy to become frustrated and lose focus, when what you really need to do when things aren't going right is to ask yourself why that's he case.

That approach - and it's something I started a long time ago but kept deviating from - worked very well at Summit Point when I was within half a second of the very, very fast drivers.

For the last two weekends I put sessions in at Interlagos. In the first perhaps one and a half hour session I got my time down to 1.52.5. That was one and a half seconds slower than the fastest time in iSpeed. That's actually a good benchmark so early on as the driver is very fast indeed.

This last weekend I put in another two hours of testing. I had my optimal down to 1.51.5 but couldn't quite break through into the 51's for my personal best. That in itself was becoming frustrating and I was starting to think I would need to return to the quest another time. Then right at the end I achieved my goal.

There are plenty of mistakes in the lap, but these are details to iron out. Perhaps not this week as I'll be thinking more in terms of qualifying and racing, but next season when we're back here in the Skip Barber I might just have the technique to close the gap on the top drivers still further.

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