Sunday, 28 June 2015

iRacing Skip Barber Okayama Race

The second of two races this week at Okayama. While the race at Montreal was about what was in front of me, at Okayama my attention was frequently in my mirrors.

iRacing Oulton Park Fosters testing

I really do like Oulton Park. I'm not a huge fan of chicanes but when those are in use I can at least view them as a challenge. And I don't think I've ever viewed them as being as difficult as those at Montreal. The track surface is also really grippy.

After about two hours I was down to a 1.07.3 in testing. There are one or two corners I still have to work on, but generally speaking I'm quite satisfied with that, and I would have no real complaints if I can't improve during the week.

Monday, 22 June 2015

iRacing Skip Barber Montreal race

An eventful race at Montreal in the iRacing Skip Barber in a 1600 strength of field.

iRacing Skip Barber hotlap at Okayama

I've never quite understood why so many people feel Okayama is a particularly "slippery" track. I have never had all that much of an issue with that per se. I did have huge issues with the turn known as Revolver - the first left hander after the hairpin - for a long time. But that was really due to not slowing the car down enough at turn in. It's a delicate balance between slowing it down too much, and not enough. Overall it's a track I very much enjoy driving, and there's no point on a lap now that I feel unduly concerned. That's what happens when you put a lot of time into any track.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

iRacing Aston Martin slow lap at Watkins Glen

An early lap of Watkins Glen in the Aston Martin.

iRacing Skip Barber hotlap at Montreal

Here's a lap half a second under the listed fast time for the week. Who knows whether it's actually fast or not given the fact iRacing are monkeying around with things again, without much of a clue as to what they're trying to achieve, but here goes.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

iRacing Skip Barber 1.52.8 hotlap at Interlagos

I would have liked to have put in a 52.5 this week, but I seem to have run up against the edge of my talent. It's actually been interesting to compare my thoughts in my previous track notes video to the one I would have done this week were it not for the new build which may affect how the car is driven.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy - Loamshires last turns

The final two hours of turns for the Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy fictional scenario Loamshires.