Monday, 20 July 2015

iRacing Skip Barber Suzuka testing

A new week, a new track.

Well, not so much a new track. I'm very familiar with Suzuka having won three starts there last season. But this time it will be much harder. Those wins were in second splits, and this week, unless I happen upon incredible SOF races, I will be in the top splits.

That means it's even more important than before to be on top of the track. At Oulton Park I was right up there on pace and that got me a second place finish in a 2600 SOF race. At VIR I was struggling for confidence, and ended with a sixth place from a lower SOF - beaten for fifth by a driver who had finished a few places down from me at Oulton.

I like Suzuka. It's challenging without being stupid. You don't have Hog Pen from VIR, or the Corkscrew from Laguna Seca. It does have Spoon, which is a tricky little corner requiring a lot of finesse and patience, but it's a controlled experience.

A 2.26.4 personal best with a 2.25.7 optimal clearly indicates a lack of consistency. With these long tracks I expect to be no more than five tenths off optimal. I did manage a 2.26.2, but caught a tiny off track at Degner 2 on exit.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Testing at VIR in the iRacing Skip Barber

I really don't like this track. It doesn't matter what car I'm driving around here I never fell comfortable at VIR. It's race track in the middle of a huge golf course. And any slight mistake results in a bumpy ride across a fairway. I have no confidence to really push a car around here - in case I end up pushing it back onto the track.

Monday, 13 July 2015

iRacing Star Mazda testing at Brands Hatch

A little familiarisation and setup work at Brands Hatch in the Star Mazda.

Thankfully whatever settings I changed in iRacing now has the driver arms working. As you can see in this video it does look peculiar without it, but iRacing's settings are so obscure it's hard to know what does what.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

iRacing Oulton Park Skip Barber race

This is what it's all about. When people talk about the quality of racing in top splits at iRacing, this kind of thing is what they're referring to. Admittedly this was my second attempt to race here this week, having been taken out early on lap one, but having qualified second in this race the start was a much more civilised affair.

I had settled for a top five finish well before the end, with my main concern being staying in front of the fifth placed driver while at the same time trying to keep in touch with the driver ahead. But then late on the whole race opened up.