Tuesday, 6 October 2015

[Assetto Corsa] BMW Z4 GT3 @ Spa

I have a confession to make.

I've had AC for quite a while, but haven't really done much with it. It looks good, but there's a distinct lack of slower open wheel cars. And I'm not a fan of hurtling around a track in a car I can barely control, much less race.

However, when I have looked at it, I've kind of enjoyed the BMW Z4. I say "kind of" because TrackIR was always a pain. I couldn't look around properly, to the point it felt like I had no knowledge of what was going on to either side of the car. Which is not good for close racing.

It didn't help that it took up so many resources that I would have to do a complete reboot whenever I wanted to look at it.

But it seems both those issues have now been fixed.

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