Sunday, 25 October 2015

[Falcon 4] Ramp start tutorial @ Kunsan Airbase, South Korea

This is a flight sim that I have wanted to get into for a long time.

What I mean by that is that Falcon 4 requires a real investment not just of time but also in terms of study. This is the first of the modern study sims.

To put that into context until the original Falcon was released flight sims had been, for reasons of hardware limitations, been somewhat limited. Microprose dominated at least the combat flight sim market, and the complexity of their titles increased over time, but Spectrum Holobyte, the developers of Falcon pushed the fidelity of their sims further.

When Falcon 4.0 was rushed to market in December 1998 it was under the Micrprose label, after Spectrum Holobyte acquired the company, and after Hasbro had in term acquired them. The incomplete title was patched, but before the fixes could be completed Habsro closed the studio.

After the source code was briefly leaked on an FTP site the community essentially continued development. The ultimate result of that is Falcon 4 BMS.

So, that's how we reached this point, with a title that is almost seventeen years old, looks dated, but still has a depth and complexity that stands up well even now. In fact if you speak to any group of flight simmers about a campaign mode for whatever new title has been released they will almost certainly raise Falcon 4's campaign mode as the gold standard. It has yet to be equalled, let alone surpassed.

I have looked at F4 at various times in the past, but the furthest I've reached so far is the air-to-air weapons tutorial. I'm now dedicated to making it all the way to the campaign, through all of the flight and weapons tutorials.

In this first video I'm starting the jet up, taxiing, taking off, navigating back to Kunsan, landing and then taxiing to shutdown.

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