Monday, 5 October 2015

rFactor 2] First look at the Skip Barber National

It was only fair that I shared the experience of my first laps around Lime Rock in the National version of the Skip Barber.

What are my initial thoughts on it?

It definitely has a lot more grip mid corner, which is what you would expect, given that it uses slicks instead of the treaded tyres found on the Regional version. In simple terms that means it's a lot easier to push it through corners.

It certainly feels a lot closer to the iRacing version of the car, which leads me to believe that the version there is a hybrid between the two, if not the National version itself. As I recall the model uses treaded tyres, but I think that's misleading.

I found myself to be about two seconds up on the Regional, even after a small amount of time in the car, and the overall feel when pushing through corners was very similar to what I'm used to at iRacing. You can throw that car around in a way the Regional in rFactor 2 wouldn't stand for.

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