Sunday, 25 October 2015

[rFactor 2] Interlagos and the woes of track conversions

At the outset I have to say Interlagos was a huge disappointment.

I have driven the track in iRacing quite a bit, and it's a favourite. It has that iconic complex of corners at the start, standing on the brakes after the long straight, turning in to the downhill sections and then being aggressive on the gas and steering wheel until you exit onto the back straight.

It's just a fabulous track.

The rFactor 2 versions downright stunned me. You can tell that from this first look video.

The track is practically undriveable, at least in the sense of enjoying the experience. The car bounces down the road like it's on a pogo stick. Even the kerbs which are perfectly useable in the laser scanned iRacing version are absolute death traps.

That said, what's the reason for that?

I think it's pretty clear that this version is an rFactor 1 conversion. And the problem with that is the resolution of the track appears to me not to have been increased as is required by rFactor 2. It's a barebones conversion, and for it to be listed as an official track to me is not acceptable.

I don't mind the rFactor 1 look. Of course it would be ideal if it had been redone to the improved graphical standards of a Lime Rock or Sebring, but you can live with that. But in this state the track it is simply not an enjoyable or realistic track to drive.

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