Sunday, 25 October 2015

[rFactor 2] Introduction to Sebring

Now this is more like it.

After the debacle with a clearly unfinished Interlagos rFactor 1 conversion we have a track that, while not laser scanned, feels as it should do - like a bumpy airfield conversion.

But it's bumpy for all the right reasons. It doesn't feel like there a lot of missing data under the car, it feels like every bump that's actually present in the track is coming up through the suspension and your seat.

And what a challenge it is in the Skip Barber Regional. You have to have your line down absolutely right because of the amount of lateral movement that's possible. At times there is no clear line, you must define it yourself.

In the first video I'm giving my first impressions of the track. In the second I'm pushing harder and looking for better speed. You can see from the second video how often the car wants to get away from me, and how I have to at times come out of the gas and allow the car to settle down.

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