Sunday, 25 October 2015

[rFactor 2] Racing through the dust clouds at Montreal

The A.I. has a peculiar approach to Montreal.

I'm learning steadily about rFactor, on and off the track. Part of the off track learning is bits and pieces I discover about track conversions, their ups and downs, and how that affects the driving experience.

It seems to me that Montreal and Interlagos are both rFactor 1 conversions. It also seems to me that Interlagos hasn't had it's track "resolution", for want of a better word, increased to reflect improved rFactor 2's requirements.

In that respect Montreal is a better conversion. Montreal - and I could never bring myself to race with the A.I. at Interlagos as it's such a pain in the rear end to drive - has the failure of A.I. that appears never to have seen the track before.

It starts off badly. It doesn't have the faintest idea how to arrive on the grid. The cars are practically sideways when they start. After that it does improve. But it still kicks up plenty of dust as it drives around. You just have to write off its inability to stop in a straight line on the grid.

A.I. strength set to 100%, aggression at 50%. At 95% I was leading by about three seconds after 12 laps, and so for this, my second race, I increased their strength. You can draw your own conclusions from how much difficulty ramps up from my performance in the race.

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