Sunday, 29 November 2015

[ETS2] Zero to Hero 2 - Rotterdam to Groningen

In this inslatment of the series we're transporting a precious cargo of ice cream all the way from Rotterdam to Groningen, discovering scenery along the way, and Amsterdam, for good measure.

[Falcon 4] Tutorial 2 - bad weather ILS landing at Taegu

This is a difficult training mission. Landing not just with no visibility right down to minimums, but an approach in high wind. The technique I use differs a little from the instructions, but for me it's a more practical method, at least for the beginner.

[Combat Mission] In the shadow of the hill 8.30am - turns 2

More turns from this scenario.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

[Euro Truck Sim 2] Zero to Hero #1 Sheffield to Rotterdam

I'm not a big Euro Truck driver. I've had the title for quite a while but haven't put the time into it that would qualify me as even close to being proficient.

And it's in that spirit that I jump on this long departed bandwagon. I know, everyone has done ETS2, but you don't come to this blog or my Youtube channel for current ground breaking content. I'm much too slow for that.

I can't even reverse a trailer straight.

But that's the point of this series. If you're tired of watching other people drive a perfect route from A to B, if you're interested in watching someone attempt to improve, then this series might be for you. If it isn't, then that's all good, too.

[Combat Mission] In the shadow of the hill 8.30am - turns 1

The first turns from this scenario, with plenty of surprises and with action from almost the very start right up until the end.

[Combat Mission] In the shadow of the hill 8.30am - setup

We have arrived at the final scenario in this mammoth series of scenarios covering part of Operation Jupiter, the capture of Hill 112. In this final ninety minutes we cover the introduction of the Hampshires as 7 Hampshires advance on Maltot. The Dorsets are due to arrive ten minutes into the scenario to protect the Hampshires right flank and capture Maltot church.

[Combat Mission] In the shadow of the hill 7am - turns 3 & 4

The concluding two series of turns for this scenario: