Saturday, 26 December 2015

[Falcon 4] Tutorial 4 - CCRP delivery mode at Kotar

In this video we're going to be looking at CCRP delivery mode. While CCIP was a visual bombing mode, CCRP allows you to bomb in poor weather, but it also allows you to loft weapons onto the target from standoff ranges, which will come in handy when we begin to attack real targets.

[Combat Mission] 3/116th 29th ID seize La Valence - turns 1

The first series of turns from this scenario:

Sunday, 20 December 2015

[Combat Mission] 3/116th 29th ID seize La Valence - setup

The 29th Infantry Division had one of the hardest of hard times on D-Day. Not only was it destined to land on Omaha Beach, but, unlike the 1st ID, landing beside it, the 29th had no combat experience. This was to be its baptism of fire.

Once driven inland under the exemplary and inspirational leadership of Major General Norman Cota the division pushed deeper and deeper into the bocage against a mix of German units, the 352nd ID, Ost units, as well as elite Fallschirmjaeger.

Their eventual goal was the town of St.Lo, but to get there they would have to overcome resistance in villages such as La Valence.

[Combat Mission] Vierville - turns 2

This scenario didn't go quite as planned. But that's okay, because when things go wrong is when we learn the most. And I had much to learn from this scenario.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

[Falcon 4] Tutorial 3 - CCIP delivery mode at Kotar

The third in a series of tutorials for Falcon 4 BMS, we're at the Kotar range today to practise the CCIP delivery mode.

This is the first of three tutorials, and forms the basic setup tutorial for all three. It's a visual delivery mode, and we will pick up the target as we drop below the clouds.

The most difficult part of this procedure is actually coming off the target, as it requires a prompt pull to 20-30 degrees of nose up pitch, while at the same time being careful not to over stress the aircraft.

[Combat Mission] Vierville - turns 1

The first two hours of turns from the Vierville scenario. The action is slow to build, but when it comes it is intense, and illuminates basic errors in my approach. But all that lends itself to quite a learning experience.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

[Combat Mission] Vierville - setup

It's time to switch sides - but nothing too dramatic, we're not going to be all reckless and start wearing swastikas and goose stepping about the place. No! This time we're donning our jump suits and we're parachuting into Normandy as part of the 506th PIR. Here we're setting up for the Vierville scenario, an hour long attempt to capture the village with support from 4th Infantry Division as it breaks out south from Utah Beach.

[ETS2] Zero to Hero 3 - Amsterdam to London

We're on the road again in Euro Truck Simulator 2, this time returning from the continent with another load. The question is, can we avoid any major incidents, and can we reverse park a trailor for the first time?

[Combat Mission] In the shadow of the hill 8.30am - turns 3

The concluding turns from the In the shadow of the hill 8.30am scenario: