Sunday, 24 January 2016

[Falcon 4] Tutorial 8 - AGM 88 Harm POS EOM

The great thing about the AGM88 is it's so simple to set up - at least in POS EOM mode.

Then the six tentacled monster that is the SA-2 becomes a simple thing to overcome. As the AI in BMS doesn't have a survival tendency there is no real suppression of air defences here. This is all about their destruction. And the Harm missile does that well.

Broadcasting a radar search emission for all the world to hear the Fan Song missile guidance radar provides a clear beam for the Harm.

[Falcon 4] Tutorial 7 - laser guided bombs at Pupo-Ri

There can be nothing quite so iconic when it comes to air to ground operations than the sight of a laser guided bomb impacting its target on a small, square, black and white screen.

Which makes it all the more fascinating, and strangely poignant, to have reached the point of learning about their delivery in Falcon 4 BMS.

[Combat Mission] Carbide Carbide - turns

Turns from the Carbide Carbide scenario:

Sunday, 3 January 2016

[Falcon 4] Tutorial 6 - direct popup attack at Kotar

We're back for one more visit to Kotar, this time to practise a pop-up approach. This is a direct pop-up, straight in at low level to keep things simple, and ends with a CCIP attack on the target.

[Combat Mission] Carbide Carbide - setup

We start a new Combat Mission scenario, following the spearhead of Combat Command A, 2nd Armoured Division, as it attempts to break out of the bocage towards Coutances.

This looks to be quite a tricky scenario. The two formations begin seperated by sufficient distance to make co-operation unlikely. And there's not as much infantry available as I'd like. I would prefer to have one more platoon of armoured infantry, but it seems that an engineer platoon will provide a reserve.

I'm expecting Mark IV's to appear, which should be a good and equal test for our M4's, but the real threat comes from anti-tank guns, and the infantry has almost a primary task of uncovering them. It's important that I not only site the 60mm on map mortars early, but with proper command and control.

[Falcon 4] Tutorial 4 - DTOS delivery mode at Kotar

We're back at Kotar in Falcon 4 BMS, this time to practise the DTOS delivery mode.

This is not as useful a mode as the visual CCIP, or the non-visual CCRP mode, but I'm sure it will turn out to have its uses.

[Combat Mission] 3/116th 29th ID seize La Valence - turns 2

Well, it was going alright, until ... The final turns from this scenario.