Sunday, 21 February 2016

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Bois de Baugin turns

This is a shorter video than usual. Part of that might well be due to the fact I'm switching to real time mode.

Now, I address the reasons for that at the start of the video, but for a little added clarity, I'll repeat those reasons here.

I don't enjoy turn based CMx2. CMx1 was of course a different animal. There was no real time mode available. But CMx1 did turn based so much better. Of course it helped that it wasn't a 1:1 representation, but it had features such as the A.I. pathfinding solution being visible, which helped when the A.I. chose a particularly silly route.

The benefit of real time is that even when the A.I. does choose such a route, you can interrupt it, whereas in turn based you have to watch a full minute of silliness to play out.

The only downside to real time is that there is no rewind capability. If real time had been coded with that feature right at the start then there would have been no need for a specific alternative - turn based could have been added simply by allowing pre-defined breaks. It would have been even better than the current turn based feature because it would have been possible for the player to have decided how long turns should be.

Also, I'm adding more mods, which should at least improve the sound.

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