Saturday, 16 April 2016

Steel Fury Operation Fridericus 1 Panzer Regiment 201 defending at Chepel

I'm still a mere cog in the wheel. I'm not leading even a platoon of tanks. That does lead to certain issues. I'm trying to work in combination with other tanks, but it's a bit of a head scratching exercise at times.

The one lesson I have learned above all others is that I can't go rushing off ahead. That tends to lead to bad things. The best approach is to wait, observe and then move. A single misstep and the tank can quickly become a burning hulk. And that is all part of the charm of the title.

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Pierrefitte en Cinglais scenario

I'm expecting this to be the last CMBN video I do. I haven't been enjoying the experience for some time. I think the problem is that I can't ignore the flaws in the game engine anymore. I touch on that in this video. I don't believe this game engine has the legs to continue, it is in desperate need of at least some basic updates, and even with the paid upgrades things that should be obvious aren't being fixed. There are some that can be fixed, like drawing the LOS line from the waypoint selected, and then there are some things that will have to wait for CMx3, like intuitive LOS. I can't help but think that CMx2 is an aspiration without the tools to properly realise it.