Sunday, 30 October 2016

Falcon 4 BMS Tutorial 19 : Ramp Start and Ground Ops

I produced a ramp start tutorial right at the start of this process. You might be wondering why I produced a second, especially given the number of ramp start videos available online.

The simple answer is that this video uses the current version of BMS. But the complete answer is that this tutorial covers much more ground and I would hope that it does so with more clarity.

There are many videos that tell you which button to press, switch to flip, and dial to turn, and in what order. But do you really know why you're doing that?

These videos are also a personal discovery process. I'm learning through them and passing that information on. I know understand the reason for the two hydraulic pump dials for example.

The jet is also set up in a more practical state. I discuss counter measures and sensors.

The purpose of the tutorial is not just to have you lift off the runway with a functioning jet, but in combination with previous tutorials, and tutorials to come, to place you in a position in which you can then transition to the combat skills already discussed.

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