Sunday, 8 January 2017

X Plane 11 Tutorial 2 : Carenado King Air B200 Taxi and Takeoff

The learning process continues with the Carenado King Air B200.

Now that we know how to start the aircraft, it's time to taxi and takeoff. The X-Plane 11 beta is, as its name suggests, still a work in progress, and therefore elements of the process are subject to change, most often in a subtle form.

The aircraft now rolls at idle power - which is another good reason to remember to set the parking brake before starting the engine. Whether or not this is realistic is open to discussion.

Taxi is simple - once the wheels start to move maintain a reasonable taxi speed and, of course, know where you're going. The HSI also displays ground speed for reference.

Takeoff is more of a challenge. The aircraft doesn't seem to want to roll straight, and a careful dance on the rudder pedals is required to maintain centre line, or as near as you can manage.

Power also lags noticeably, so it may take a while to quickly find the right level, but as the aircraft doesn't require much runway, it doesn't hurt to take your time building up speed.

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