Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Falcon 4 BMS Tutorial 25 : AGM-65D Maverick quick boresighting

The AGM-65 can be an intimidating weapon. The requirement to boresight the D model before use with the TGP might seem an onerous task. But the reward of swooping down to devastate a road column with a swift succession of missiles makes it well worth the time spent on the procedure.

A previous tutorial covered the complete boresighting procedure, as described in the BMS training manual. And that is still a procedure that's worth understanding. That tutorial also covers certain elements in greater detail.

In this tutorial a quick boresighting method is demonstrated. This minimises the workload required during the fence in phase of flight, while ensuring that weapons are properly prepared for use.

The Training Engagement files are available in the video description, therefore if you would like to practise this technique simply download and unzip the file, and follow the included instructions.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

TSW CSX Heavy Haul : First Thoughts and Review

There has been so much said about the release of Train Sim World, CSX Heavy Haul, and so much of it extremely critical, that I thought I should add my initial thoughts on the title. I explain what I like about it, and what I dislike, including elements that I hope will be improved on with future patches.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

TSW : CSX Heavy Haul : Early morning service

I decided I should have a look at Services. And what better place to start than the first one?

I'm still feeling my way around CSX, but I couldn't resist adding rain, which is very well done, both in the internal and external views.

It's also impossible to fault the character models, at least in terms of appearance. I would like to see them being active and performing useful tasks. For example they could handle radio communication, which is missing in general. That would add a huge amount to the sims immersion.

I did notice the frame rate dropped significantly. I'm not sure why that should be the case, given the lower draw distance, or at least, what should be a lower draw distance. But there's definitely a difference in the frame rates I'm used to with it. But it's also the case I was on a different part of track.

I'm looking forward to being competent enough with signals to record a full video.

TSW CSX Heavy Haul : Helping Hand scenario

You either love or loathe train sims.

It might be stretching the term, but one of the most popular simulations of recent years must be Euro Truck, which, when you think about it, is a similar concept. You go from one point to another, following correct procedure in a rather untaxing way, and deliver something.

Train Sim World is the successor to the Train Sim series. If you're familiar with it you already know the premise of TSW, and its first module, CSX Heavy Haul, and you know how this series will develop. A snapshot of a particular line, its relevant engines and rolling stock.

In CSX Heavy Haul we're transporting freight on Sand Patch Grade.

This video covers the first scenario, Helping Hand, and is quite a straightforward run to collect rolling stock.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Falcon 4 BMS : Iron Fortress Mission #6 : 1st DPRK Inf Bde

The action is brief. The landing is questionable.

This is the sixth mission in the Iron Fortress campaign. I'm not promising much from it. I wanted to look at an escort mission and this is just that. Although it isn't full of breathtaking moments that will have you on the edge of your seat, I learned some important lessons.

I returned from the mssion with one "damage" and no "kills". However my wingman had four victories. Why the difference? He spotted a group of MiG-19s low, while I didn't.

I learned to better manipulate the FCR. I learned to work smarter with AWACS to locate hostiles. And with those lessons learned I would hope that in time I will be the one returning with four kills.

Monday, 13 March 2017

X Plane 10 : Carenado King Air B200 Southampton to Le Touquet

This is a flight I have had planned for a while. I would have done it much sooner had it not been for issues with the X-Plane 11 beta.

The weather is real time, and clouds are generated by xEnviro. That presents a second issue, because the conditions approaching Le Touquet are frequently poor, as was the case for this flight.

As much as I did prepare for this flight, I could have prepared better. In particular it's vital to check weather conditions at takeoff and approach. If conditions are poor on approach then you must either accept and be prepared for a full IFR approach, choose another destination, or simply not use xEnviro.

Because I didn't plan the journey as thoroughly as I should I had to improvise on approach.

Falcon 4 BMS : Iron Fortress Mission #5 : Sunan Airbase

In this mission we're part of a larger effort to target the DPRK Sunan airbase.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

X Plane 10 : Carenado King Air B200 Southampton Dusk Approach and Landing

I wasn't intending on posting an approach video. I had wanted to record a complete flight from Southampton to Le Touquet. And that will still happen. But for now I'm still working on landings.

There are a multitude of problems with this approach and landing. I struggle to line up on centre line, and I'm below glideslope on final. At least I don't have the two white and two red PAPI lights.

I decided to create this video because, for all of the failings contained therein, I wanted to share the process of working on landings, and I thought it was visually interesting enough to justify it.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Falcon 4 BMS : Iron Fortress Mission #4 : Sinch'ang-ni Bridge

In the fourth mission of the Iron Fortress campaign, we're tasked with an attack on the bridge at Sinch'ang-ni.