Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Falcon 4 BMS Tutorial 25 : AGM-65D Maverick quick boresighting

The AGM-65 can be an intimidating weapon. The requirement to boresight the D model before use with the TGP might seem an onerous task. But the reward of swooping down to devastate a road column with a swift succession of missiles makes it well worth the time spent on the procedure.

A previous tutorial covered the complete boresighting procedure, as described in the BMS training manual. And that is still a procedure that's worth understanding. That tutorial also covers certain elements in greater detail.

In this tutorial a quick boresighting method is demonstrated. This minimises the workload required during the fence in phase of flight, while ensuring that weapons are properly prepared for use.

The Training Engagement files are available in the video description, therefore if you would like to practise this technique simply download and unzip the file, and follow the included instructions.

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  1. Thank you for exraordinary videos, very much appreciated
    Trevor (Australia)