Tuesday, 21 March 2017

TSW : CSX Heavy Haul : Early morning service

I decided I should have a look at Services. And what better place to start than the first one?

I'm still feeling my way around CSX, but I couldn't resist adding rain, which is very well done, both in the internal and external views.

It's also impossible to fault the character models, at least in terms of appearance. I would like to see them being active and performing useful tasks. For example they could handle radio communication, which is missing in general. That would add a huge amount to the sims immersion.

I did notice the frame rate dropped significantly. I'm not sure why that should be the case, given the lower draw distance, or at least, what should be a lower draw distance. But there's definitely a difference in the frame rates I'm used to with it. But it's also the case I was on a different part of track.

I'm looking forward to being competent enough with signals to record a full video.

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