Monday, 24 April 2017

DCS A-10C Tutorial 9 : Laser Guided Bombs

The A-10 was designed to operate "in the weeds", at low level, where its armour protects it from AAA threats as it carries out its CAS role.

But it can only deliver payloads onto targets safely from altitude. And it's this role that we explore in this tutorial - the delivery of laser guided bombs from above 15,000 feet.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

History : Laser Guided Bomb Development 1960-72

The development of laser guided bombs begins with the development of the laser itself. A solution looking for a problem, inventive minds in the military quickly found important avenues to explore with the new technology.

In this video, I explain the initial exploration of the technology, how it almost came to be discarded, and how ultimately the military use of laser technology was developed, implemented, and tested in the heat of battle.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

DCS A-10C Tutorial 8 : Mk 82 LDGP & AIR

There are so many advanced weapon systems in production and use that it's easy to overlook the simpler tools that are available, and that perform the less glamorous roles.

The Mk 80 series of bombs are a hugely successful line. They provide the backbone for some of those more advanced systems, but in this video we look at the most basic item in the range, in its most basic use. The Mk 82 LDGP and AIR, using CCIP and CCRP.